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Camping and the outdoors

I am very grateful to be inspired by others and finding the common thread between their work and mine. Over the summer I was browsing the internet trying to connect with like-minded mothers and found an incredible blog “Go Explore Nature” by Debi, an LA-based mom who has two young boys.

It was a Thursday night and as I looked at her incredible postings I told my husband, “let’s do it” “let’s find our own camping place and go for the weekend!”

I am not your typical nature mom; however, my family and working for months on the story “Deep in the Rainforest” turned me to the outdoors. So this is a reversal of my work does not let me be outside, to my work lured me to go out and live life.

nature kids kitu kids camping

camping daniela arredondo  kitu kids

After reading Debi’s site I found that “glamping” would be a good first start. “Glamping: the traditional camping all glammed up with perks such as four walls, beds, and bathrooms” So we found a very cute cabin over in the internet in the Poconos, an incredible place just one hour away from New York.

It is really easy to take nature for granted; but when you literally leave your home to be in the midst of it, you truly appreciate it.

Here are my top memories:

1) Looking at Deer: 

kitu kids deer camping nature

Complete peacefulness. They made me hold my breath.

2) 6:00 am fishing

kitu kids daniela arredondo fishing

fishing camping nature

                  Our first fishing experience; and I say ours, because I had never gone fishing before.                              My kids did get the hang of it. I still need some work.

3) Attempting to photograph a hummingbird

kitu kids nature

hummingbird camping nature kitu kids games app

When we worked in the “Amazon Rainforest Discovery” iOS & soon to be Android game we included hummingbirds as one of the animals children had to find. I was sitting on the porch and suddenly one flew right next to my ear. Picture me on the porch trying to get a photo of this tiny creature flying.  Nature was too fast for me! By the way, did you know hummingbirds can fly backwards? we included this interesting fact in the game.

4) Watching my children play with a tent

Kitu Kids nature camping tent

nature blog kitu kids

nature kitu kids tent game app

I am sure next year we will be closer to a real camping experience. But this was a great start. Bringing the tent was a perfect idea by my husband. My kids, of course, loved it!

kitu kids nature camping apps game bilingual

Now they are back at school and these memories make me feel we had a great summer.  Interestingly enough, I had an amazing time off-the-grid being inspired on-the grid.

If you don’t have an opportunity to go out camping check out Debi’s “50 ways to explore nature in your own backyard”.

Want to get your kids excited about nature indoors. Download our first bilingual apps “Deep in the Rainforest”and “Amazon Rainforest Discovery” for iPhone and iPad. Soon in Android! 


2 comments on “Camping and the outdoors

  1. Debi Huang (@GoExploreNature)
    September 26, 2013

    Wow – this is such a wonderful story! I am so thrilled to hear that you went for it & gave camping a try. Looks like you had a great experience. Thanks so much for the shout out. 🙂

  2. Kitu Kids
    September 26, 2013

    Thanks Debi for the inspiration! GoExploreNature!

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