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Viva Mexico, Viva!

The night of the 15th of September Mexicans all over the world unite to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, which is officially celebrated the 16th.

My favorite part is the traditional Grito “Viva Mexico, Viva!”  The traditional grito (a loud call to action by a priest which began the Independence movement in Guanajuato) is now part of our cultural heritage.

Mexico Spanish Bilingual

Flags, music, little girls and boys dressed up (more in the style of the Revolution) gives us a flavor of being proud and happy to share our nationality and heritage. I enjoy the little things that make us who we are and connect us to our community. And love to see the children of my friends smiling dressed as colorful “Adelitas”.

Mexico Spanish Bilingual

As we celebrate our Independence I reflect on the importance of Spanish in our lives. Language is one of our unifiers, and as my children grow, I will do my best to spark their interest to learn it.  I am sure many mothers  are trying to raise their children bilingual and are looking for good content. This is why we created our games to be fully bilingual.

If you are reading this post and are not of Hispanic descent, I just wanted to share an interesting fact with you. Did you know that 20% of the US population is bilingual? Speaking another language opens doors and opportunities. And children at an early age are very eager to learn if they are exposed to it.

I hope you can see this as a great opportunity to give your children the gift of language, and may you join us as we say, Viva Mexico, Viva! Because who can resist Mexico’s music, flavors, and smiles.

Mexico Bilingual Spanish

In case you missed it.  The Google Doodle. Via

Mexico Spanish Bilingual


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