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Digital Family Summit!

We had the best time being part of the Digital Family Summit! Stephanie, Adam, Christina, Charles, and the staff were incredible. You made our experience unforgettable!

It was a true Family Summit and you knew how to charm the grown ups and our kids. Sundaes, karaoke parties, incredible speakers, kid-friendly workshops, you name it you had it. I had many personal moments, which I will share very soon.

Kitu Kids action took place at the Kids Lounge, which was the destination for the younger kids. We shared our two apps “Deep in the Rainforest” and “Amazon Rainforest Discovery.” By the way, our playroom had one of the best views in Baltimore, as we could see the marathon runners finishing up the race!

Amazon Rainforest Digital Family Summit

Kids who visited our playroom had an opportunity to learn many new interesting things:

Amazon Rainforest App Kitu Kids Map Bilingual

They virtually traveled to the Amazon Rainforest

Kitu Kids Amazon Rainforest App Bilingual children

experienced cross-cultural friendships

animals animales Amazon Rainforest app game bilingual spanish educational

discovered exotic animals

Amazon Rainforest animals game ipad iphone children educational app bilingual

as they played with “Amazon Rainforest Discovery”

Amazon Rainforest piranhas game educational bilingual geography app

and  “Deep in the Rainforest”

games apps educational bilingual

Our fully bilingual app has many games and Eve played “Guess the word”

educational games apps iphone ipad kids amazon rainforest

as well as matching games.

These are just a few of the many fun moments we had at Digital Family Summit. On our next posts we will share kids’ creativity and family time. Let’s not forget, it was an amazing Digital & Family Summit!

educational apps bilingual spanish amazon rainforest app iphone ipad android

amazon rainforest app iphone ipad educational game geography


and check all the #Digifam action at twitter @Digifam


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