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#Digifam continued …

The Digital Family Summit was also a great place to be creative. Our contribution was to provide elements for kids play both digital and all-time-kids’ play.

One of our favorite offline moments was “The Kids’ Tourist Shop”.  Girls and boys used their imagination and decided to purpose a cardboard stand as a store where tourists could learn about the Amazon Rainforest.

The kids immediately started to think about the tourists’ needs. They decided to start giving them information; but most importantly, they thought about their basic needs, thirst and hunger.  They quickly scouted the room and grabbed the Honest Kids juices and Clif Kid bars which were in the playroom for snack time.

Clif Kid Bars, I can honestly say that both my kids and I are your biggest fans. Not only you do not use palm oil in your products which hurts the Rainforest and wisely use Organic sunflower oil instead; but also have the most nutritious and yummy products ever! I am addicted to them now.

Amazon Rainforest play children app game educational

ideas indoors play kids games

By the way, the kids decided to give the imaginary tourists the snacks for free! We loved to see their generosity. Looking back, I guess kids were influenced by #Digifam as all our meals and snacks were included in the program.

We also set an arts and crafts station where kids could let their imagination take flight. Lucy entered our Kitu Kids’ contest and colored an amazing hummingbird!

kitu kids contest animals app game bilingual educational

amazon rainforest drawing kids app

Great job Lucy!!

We also loved seeing parents getting down and being involved with their kids. Here Amy Marks-McGee helping her son play with our app. She was one of Digital Family Sponsors as founder of Trendincite

Amazon Rainforest parents kids playing app bilingual

Another Dad who visited the Digital Space was Alx Block who was part of the Digital Doctors from WordPress

parents digital kids digital family summit educational app game

 A moment of joy and fun. From a WordPress Sponsor to a wordpress blogger!

There was never a down moment and we are very grateful to Digital Family Summit for giving kids, tweens, teens a place to connect in this new digital space.

Amazon Rainforest blog app

In our next post we will share our own personal moments. #Digifam thanks for creating such a family-friendly space!


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