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With a little help of my sidekick

Ellas Conectan

Today I learned about #DesafioPitchbull through Ellas2. Ellas2 is the sister organization of Women 2.0, an organization dedicated to promote and help women entrepreneurs. Its founder, Patricia Araque is approachable and one of our strongest advocates. Yes, thankfully if you are Latina, you are not alone.

I became a member of Ellas2 by paying $30 dollars. In a world of opportunities, believe me, this was one of the best ones I have encountered.

Through a tweet I learned about their Especial Financiacion, a program where a woman entrepreneur from LatinAmerica , including the US if you were serving the Hispanic or Latinamerican market, would have 15 minutes to pitch to big investors.

The 15 minutes were broken in 5 minutes to pitch and 10 minutes to receive feedback.  All virtually.  I was able to pitch in Spanish and in English. And I am very grateful to have had this opportunity. Not only did it prepare me to be concise and listen to feedback intently, it also gave me an opportunity to meet investors whom I appreciate for their time and guidance.

If you are an entrepreneur please know that even if you do not receive funding straight away, the simple fact of meeting an investor is of tremendous benefit.

Also, I wanted to share a persona part of my day. Pitchbull set a #DesafioPitchbull to help women entrepreneurs attend a Miami Conference. The requisite, sign in Pitchbull and send a photo or  vine of what was your day like.


Vine,… I knew of its existence, but had never tried it. With the help of my 5 year old I was able to do it. He was such a great sport, you can see him in the first seconds. Only he can make such a great entrance! After his intro I showed an image of my solution,

Bilingual content for kids taking them around the world.

The following image,  showed my Beta Testing in schools. The photo on the corner is of Mexican children in a fully bilingual school in Mexico City. The Director of the School is an incredible woman who cares very much about them and their future. I am so lucky to have met Mayus!


We made 5 vines and I asked Eddy to help me choose the best one. When we made our decision he looked at me and said: “Mom, I am your sidekick. And a sidekick is a helper” I wished I could have captured that moment in vine. It makes all the late nighters, like that night; and early mornings, worth it. Although I did not win the challenge, looking back at the experience I feel like a winner. Working with my son is priceless and for him to say these words inspires me to move forward. Soon I will share more good news, as there are good possibilities in the horizon to scale my project. Reaching out to more children, is my greatest motivator.

Here, the link to the final Vine:

By the way,  he also shared with me his award from school. I celebrated with him his achievements. And yes, as you might guess… I am also his sidekick.

school, award, bilingual, education

PS Eddy took a few photos of my office, as my camera was out and about as I was finishing another project.

working mom entrepreneur

Old Christie’s Magazines, which I bought at $1 dollar, inexpensive art that is inspiring. I am sure the apples by Rene Magritte caught his eyes. “How Children Succeed” by Paul Tough, amazing read. Traveler’s Magazine, and of course National Geographic, National Geographic, and National Geographic!


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