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The incredible rainforest at the National Aquarium

The National Aquarium is a fascinating place.

I never expected my son and I to walk through the luscious and exotic Rainforest in an Aquarium. My gratitude to donors and curators who make this experience possible! Thanks for getting us closer to the beauty of nature.

Ken Howell is the curator and I had the great opportunity to interview him. As you might imagine, we had the best Rainforest lesson and were lucky to see the day-to-day dedication of the Aquarium’s team. It is a true family.

National Aquarium, Baltimore, Rainforest, Amazon Rainforest,

We started our interview by walking through the river section. I was thrilled to see the animals we had researched for our games. Knowing children are learning about them through our games makes us happy, very happy!

river, rainforest, aquarium, baltimore, national aquarium

In this first of three postings we will include some of the Rainforest animals you can find in our games. As Eddy my son would say, “for real!”

Pacu, fish, aquarium, baltimore, rainforest, river

Pacu, fish, Amazon Rainforest, National Aquarium, Baltimore

Pacu. The fish that can eat fruit!


monkey, tamarin monkey, aquarium, National Aquarium, Baltimore, Rainforest, Amazon Rainforest

Tamarin Monkey, aquarium, Baltimore, National Aquarium,  Aquarium

The Golden Lion Tamarin, a playful monkey

monkey, amazon rainforest, tamarin monkey


sloth, amazon rainforest, national aquarium, baltimore, camden, baby sloth

A big surprise in our interview was to get close to Camden, a young sloth born to Ivy in November 2012.

Sloths move very slowly and spend most of their time sleeping. They can sleep up to 20 hours! We were extremely lucky to have interviewed Ken when Camden was awake and ready to eat. Eddy was very curious to learn what he would usually eat. I have to say that Camden was a great inspiration for Eddy to eat his veggies.

sloth, aquarium, national aquarium, baltimore aquarium, baltimore

Aquarium, National Aquarium, Baltimore, sloth

Click on the link below to watch the video:

 Take a look at Camden the Sloth in action! 

Camden recently became a big brother and welcomed Scout to the world. Click below to see a video of the new baby sloth. And if you feel like sending a gift take a look at the National Aquarium’s baby registry:

Next post we will share the behind the scenes of the Aquariums frogs and birds. Truly fascinating to see all the care and love from their keepers so visitors can have a small glimpse of these wonders from nature!


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