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Bilingualism, parenthood, & entrepreneurship

An exciting Millennial ride

I recently joined the Millennial Train as one of its mentors. The entrepreneurial road is a rollercoaster of emotions, but this train ride was one of inspiration. A flow of … Continue reading

August 16, 2013 · 2 Comments

The power of staycations

Living in New York gives you the opportunity to have amazing staycations. Yes, we all want to go away, travel, and have new experiences, but when you have a Zoo … Continue reading

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Amanda flies to the Amazon Rainforest

Amanda is free, adventurous, and curious about our world. In “Deep in the Rainforest” she will take us to the fascinating Amazon Rainforest. As she flies over South America she … Continue reading

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Frogs, prince charming has gone multi-color

Usually, when I would think about a frog the first image that would come to my mind would be of the typical green frog; and perhaps, the fairytale story of a … Continue reading

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Yapariwa knows his way. Do we?

As we wrote this story we thought of a good little guy to take Amanda across the Amazon Rainforest. Yapariwa came to be. He knows his way around, listens to … Continue reading

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The Amazon Right at Brooklyn’s Botanical Garden

For my birthday I gave myself a self-present, two hours at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The diversity of plants living in this Garden is impressive, and until that day I … Continue reading

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